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Unıque technology to elımınate moısture
Permanent and Long
Lasting Solution
Aquapol technology is a permanent solution. Provides long-lasting and precise protection as it eliminates the problem that caused moisture to form.
Clean and
Green Technology
Aquapol is completely harmonious with nature. The device, which takes its energy from the electromagnetic field of the world, operates with a clean and green energy source.
Running Cost
The power consumption of Aquapol technology is so low (just a few microwatts) that it does not need any external energy source.
Aquapol is very light and gentle. Heavy construction works are not required on the walls. For this reason, it is used safely even in historical buildings.
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What is Aquapol

Aquapol is a wall drying system that returns moisture to your soil that causes moisture in your walls. This system is the latest technological development that can cope with moisture today. The heart of the system is a small, lampshade-like device mounted on a ceiling. This device uses some sort of wireless technology to dry the nib in your walls. With this technology, all your walls above or below ground level will be free from moisture forever.

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How does it work

To make it easier to understand how the Aquapol system works, let’s talk about a very simple physics rule. Many materials used in building construction (such as brick, cement, sand, granite, clay, glass) are silicate based. Silicate; It consists of silicon and oxygen atoms. Water is composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. These two elements stick together like a magnet because of their atomic structure, and the water coming from the ground at this point travels through the capillary cracks in the walls.Aquapol technology, by manipulating the hydrogen atoms in the water, changes its behavior and prevents water from rising from your walls. It’s all that simple! Thus you will have a permanent solution for life.

Usage Areas

Where is it used?

The villas, apartments, workplaces (factories, restaurants, facilities, etc.) located at the entrance floor and one and a half meters high from the entrance.

In which situations is it used?

  • Rising soil moisture
  • Moisture leaking from the side
  • Moisture due to geological gauge
  • Condensation dampness
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How long does it take for the moisture to rise?

The moisture will be completely removed from approximately 6 months to 3 years after the installation. During this time, our technical team regularly tests the condition of the walls with various devices and examines whether the moisture has risen from the center. When the moisture is completely removed from the center, you can make various plaster and paint works on your walls. Your walls will always be new because you will never encounter damp again.

Can we remove the appliance after damp?

The life of Aquapol is about 100 years. So, your device can hang for years and it is useful to stay so that humidity does not occur again in the future. Because it is not possible to encounter damp as long as Aquapol is suspended.

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Free Building Analysis


Do you not know what type of dampness is on your building? Do you need a drainage system? What are the usage possibilities of the Aquapol device? To answer these questions and many more questions; Let’s do your building analysis and humidity consultation for 200 Euros free of charge. Contact us now for free information from our consultants.